Sicks Days 🤧

We also don’t believe that anyone can do their best work when they are sick, stressed or overwhelmed; whether this is for mental health, illness or injury. And we don’t want you to feel that you have to. We have worked hard to create an environment where you not only don’t need to feel guilty about needing some time off when you need to, but are encouraged to take it

If you’re not feeling well please book off a sick day in Charlie. We’d prefer you to take time at home to focus on feeling better than come in! If these become frequent, or if you need an extended period of time off, your line manager will have a conversation with you to check how we can support you best during this time.

In any 12 month rolling period, we will provide:

Personal Days 🍃

We also give everyone 4 ‘no questions asked’ Personal Days each year. These are for the odd day when you’re feeling a bit off. If you’re living with mental health issues, please take this as Sick Leave.